David Ackles

Welcome to the official website dedicated to the life and music of David Ackles.

It is December 2008 - and we have just launched with this initial page. Over time, we plan to build this website into a definitive memorial to his talent and a comprehensive resource for his many admirers throughout the world.

There will be a detailed biography, discography, rare photographs and music samples. And other historical features.

We will also present tributes to David Ackles by musicians who are unabashed fans - such as Elvis Costello, Elton John, Bernie Taupin and Phil Collins.

Elton John & Elvis Costello performing David Ackles' song
"Down River" on the new Elvis Costello TV series "Spectacle"
on The Sundance Channel.

Most exciting - there will be news of new releases of David Ackles audio and video material. Reissues of his original recordings - and some previously unreleased live and studio recordings discovered in the vaults.

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We are pleased to commend the premier fan website dedicated to David Ackles - a website created in the early days of the internet by a British admirer - Brian Mathieson.

Check back soon for updates!

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